RHL Mission
Designed to sustain, educate and broaden the scope of healthy nutrition for the impoverished by making low cost healthy food available.  

New and Improved Products and Services
Fast, fresh, grilled, gourmet foods with healthy ingredients at affordable cost.  

RHL Steaks & Burgers uses local retailers, donors and markets to create 100% fresh meat products for healthy individual gourmet meals on a wood burning grill at affordable cost.
Existing Products and Services
Event Vending, Community & Youth empowerment and serving the impoverished.
Brands of RHL Advocacy 
The Remnant House Living Inc 
RHL Ministry Radio
RHL Food Advocates

Target Market
RHL STEAKS, BURGERS & RIBS will primarily engage the consumer to 
organize efforts appealing to social enterprise markets.

Chef Apostle Natalie Young  
The Apostle Natalie Young trained by her Father a Hungarian Immigrant as a small child developed the skills needed for a diverse cuisine. 

Crafted the skills of taste and etiquette needed to corner the fast pace skill of the gourmet cooking in Bible College & T.E.C.H Cullinary School in Arlignton. 

Chef Young skilled on the grill obtained the opprtunity to engage the southern style wood burning grill experience in Florida that delights us all.   

With the certification of an Apostle of the Gospel, Natalie Young pours that love and experience into serving her community by giving 30% of the proceeds to The Remnant House Living Inc  a Charitable Orgnization through Social Interprise. 

The Chef, ​Apostle Natalie Young, hopes you enjoy your experince when visiting RHL Steaks, Burgers & Ribs.  

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